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Schedule - Arabic Classes

While there are many different ways to teach and learn Arabic, we at our Language Institute believe that learning the Arabic language requires the student to instantly be immersed in the target language.
Our Arabic language lessons, taught by our skilled native instructors, are designed to build conversational skills.
Seattle Languages International offers different formats and levels of Arabic group classes.
For students with very specific goals, our language school also offers private, customized Arabic language instruction. Arabic private lessons are a good way to learn Arabic quickly.
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Currently no group courses are scheduled for this language.

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Conversational Intro to Arabic Class:
This is a beginning class. During this class the students will learn the Arabic alphabet, basic Arabic grammar, syntax, and basic conversation skills.  Vocabulary will be introduced thematically; the goal being for the students to gain a strong base in everyday vocabulary, so that they are able to greet and make introductions; describe people, places and things; and talk about their families.  Students will also learn how to ask and respond to simple questions, the subject pronouns, noun-adjective agreement, as well as be introduced to the present tense verb. The textbook Alif Baa is covered as well as supplemented by several additional resources to facilitate the students’ learning.
Arabic Level 2 Class:
This is an elementary level class which will expand upon the student's basic skill levels gained in the Arabic Intro class. The vocabulary learned in this class will relate to family life, work, and the extended family. Students will also become more familiar with introductions and conversation skills. By the end of this course students should be able to easily hold a basic conversation about themselves, their family, their home, their work, and their likes and dislikes. Grammar points covered in this class include the construct phrase (idaafa), sentence structure (subject and predicate), continued study of the present tense, and possessive pronouns. Chapters 1-3 in the textbook Al-Kitab 1 will be covered as well as several supplemental resources.
Arabic Level 3 Class:
This is our higher elementary class which further develops the students' knowledge of Arabic. The themes and vocabulary for this class are related to university life, weather, and the Arabic culture (food, music, restaurants). During this class students will learn about adverbs, prepositions, simple comparisons, the gerund, interrogative and negative sentences, numbers, and the days of the week. Time will also be spent in reviewing and reinforcing what was studied up to this level through oral and written exercises; so that by the end of this class students will have a basic foundation for reading, speaking, and writing Arabic; and they will be ready to move on to the intermediate level. Chapters 4-6 in the textbook Al-Kitab 1 will be covered as well as several supplemental resources.)