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Schedule - Chinese Classes

While there are many different ways to teach and learn Mandarin Chinese, we at our Language Institute believe that learning the Mandarin Chinese language requires the student to instantly be immersed in the target language.
Our Mandarin Chinese language lessons, taught by our skilled native instructors, are designed to build conversational skills.
Seattle Languages International offers different formats and levels of Mandarin Chinese group classes.
For students with very specific goals, our language school also offers private, customized Mandarin Chinese language instruction. Mandarin Chinese private lessons are a good way to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly.
To learn more about our different language classes, please click on "Class Format".

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Currently no group courses are scheduled for this language.

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Conversational Intro to Mandarin Class

By the end of this course, you will learn how to pronounce Chinese with its four tones.
Additionally you will receive an introduction of the formation, the basic radicals and the strokes of Chinese characters.  Basic Chinese grammar and sentence patterns will be introduced to you through dialogues and examples.  You will also learn how to count, present yourself and your family, greet people, ask simple questions and express age, dates, time and nationality. 
More than 100 Chinese characters and phrases will be introduced to you. Aspects of Chinese culture will be explained to you during this course.

Mandarin Level 2 Class

This Chinese Level 2 class is for those who have previously taken our Conversational Intro Class or received an equivalent of 25-30 hours of Chinese group instruction.
Students who have taken more than 30 hours in the past, yet are uncertain if this is the right class for them, can call us for an assessment of their Chinese language abilities.
In this class, emphasis is placed on improving your basic speaking abilities and developing fluency.  By the end of this course, more than 100 new characters and phrases, including some frequently used verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, along with more grammar and sentence patterns are introduced. You will learn how to describe yourself and others, discuss daily routines and hobbies, indicate the location of a person or an object and make requests and appointments. 


Mandarin Level 3 Class

By the end of the Chinese Level 3 class you will have learned:
120 or more new characters, more complicated grammatical structures / syntax, how to make complex sentences by using proper linking words, how to talk about school life and how to do shopping and manage transportation in Chinese speaking societies